Troy-Based Real Estate Company Behind New Medical Supply Distribution Center in Detroit

Posted by Fix It Admin // July 20, 2015

Earlier this month, the real estate scene in the Detroit area got an exciting boost when Cardinal Health officially opened the doors to its new distribution center right near the center of the city. The new building, a 275,000 square foot marvel located at 6000 Rosa Parks Boulevard, will not only bring jobs to the Detroit area, but was also the work of a nearby real estate development and construction company: the Troy, Michigan-based firm, KIRCO Development.

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New Baltimore Rated Among America’s Safest Cities

Posted by Fix It Admin // July 15, 2015

Detroit tends to have a bad reputation when it comes to safety. The city itself is frequently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in America—if not the most dangerous, as on this list compiled by Forbes. But get out of the economically torn downtown area, and metro Detroit actually proves to be a surprisingly safe area overall. In fact, according to a recent study, three Detroit suburbs are among the safest cities in the entire United States.

The study in question was performed by sec

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Two New Multi-Family Loft And Condo Developments In The Works In Rochester Hills

Posted by Fix It Blogger // July 10, 2015

A pair of new multi-family housing developments is currently in the works in Rochester Hills by Aragona Properties and Pulte Group, respectively. Aragona Properties, a business based in Clinton Township, is planning a high-end 52 to 60-unit loft development. The Pulte Group, meanwhile—a noted Detroit real estate firm since 1950—will be constructing a new development […]

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Celebrating Independence Day: Glad We’re not Cuba!

Posted by Fix It Admin // July 3, 2015

First of all, Happy Independence Day! July Fourth is a great opportunity to get some much-needed rest from work, spend time with family and friends, and get outdoors to celebrate the birth of our country. Regardless of how you plan on spending your holiday, we at Fix It Properties wish you all the best. Today […]

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Help wanted! The Search for the Ugliest Home in America

Posted by Fix It Admin // July 2, 2015

We all like to admire beautiful houses—whether that means gaping at them as we drive past or looking through magazines and marveling at unique interior or exterior design. Most of us spend considerably less time thinking about the ugliest houses we’ve ever seen, but there’s value in that as well. Where thinking about attractive homes […]

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Royal Oak Loft Grabs Detroit Free Press Feature

Posted by Fix It Admin // July 1, 2015

Royal Oak real estate was front and center in the Detroit Free Press on June 14th, when an article about a unique loft caught eyes with mentions of “presidents” and “Batman.” The loft, located at 827 E. Fourth Street in Royal Oak, has been a hotspot for fundraisers and other events in recent years, and […]

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Are Detroit’s Commercial Property Taxes Stifling the City’s Recovery?

Posted by Fix It Admin // June 24, 2015

Few cities were hit harder by the recent economic recession than Detroit, but the city has long been on the road to recovery. Young professionals are flocking to Detroit to participate in its renaissance, and demand for residential real estate in the area is certainly on the rise. But are lofty commercial property taxes stifling […]

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DTE Energy Unveils Plans for a Brand New Park in Downtown Detroit

Posted by Fix It Admin // June 22, 2015

DTE Energy wants to play a part in revitalizing the west side of downtown Detroit. According to a June 14th article in the Detroit Free Press, the energy company is ready to invest roughly $5 million to develop an area of derelict buildings and vacant parking lots into a beautiful and welcoming public park. The […]

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Your Next Real Estate Investment: Jurassic Park

Posted by Fix It Admin // June 19, 2015

The fourth movie in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, made quite a splash at the box office last weekend, pulling in $208.8 million domestically and $524.1 million worldwide—both opening weekend box office records. To celebrate the film, movie ticket service Fandango put together a funny little video discussing how much it would actually cost […]

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How Realty Companies like Fix It Properties are Helping Reclaim a Good Name for the Realty Industry

Posted by Fix It Admin // June 17, 2015

It can be tough to cut it in the realty business these days, and even tougher to know who to trust. Many agents are just after money and aren’t focused on whether the property they are selling is one of quality. Every day, new realtor scams pop up in the news, including rigged flipped houses, […]

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